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Taking a Drone to Thailand – Part 1

Thought I would document our progress of taking a drone to Thailand, and an update to our last post on the Thailand Drone Regulations.
We will be heading out in May, and now have the drones insured and registered for Thailand.


The process so far has been pretty painless, the only real issue we found was having a UK company insure the drone for Thailand with the liability insurance that’s require.
For the most part the insurance companies would say no, or quote a silly amount of money! – If you’ve found a UK insurance company that does everything, let us know.

We have used a Thai company called Drone Thai Insure after looking around and reading some reviews. All seemed good and I’m happy to say we have received excellent service from Danny at Drone Thai Insure and would happily recommenced them.

Once the documents for the insurance had been filled out, it was only a matter of days before we had our conformation sent back to us 🙂


The documents need for the CAAT registration have also been filled out and sent off.
Drone Thai Insure can do this for you at an extra cost, or if you wish (like us) you can fill out the forms and have these sent off yourselves.
You only need to fill out two forms and email them off to [email protected]

The two forms you will need are:
UAV Application Form
Consent to the Disclosure of Personal Information

You will also need to send a copy of your passport and proof of drone insurance when submitting your registration.

Final Thoughts

All in all this hasn’t been a difficult process, you just need to give yourself enough time to get things sent off and confirmed in good time before your trip.
I’ve been to Thailand in the past with a drone, but this was before the new laws came in. When checking the drone in at the airport in the past, it was never an issue. I will update if things have changed. If you do get stopped and checked when taking a drone to Thailand, having the correct documents and insurance in place before traveling is recommended. You don’t want to have the drone taken off you or refused entry into Thailand.

I will let you know how we get on once back from Thailand! 🙂

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